The Resistance – Rise From Treason | Review

Featuring the impressively cool line-up of Jesper Strömblad and Glenn Ljungström (ex-In Flames) on guitars, Christofer Barkensjö (ex-Grave) on drums and Marco Aro (ex-The Haunted) on vocals, The Resistance certainly have talent and experience within their ranks. But don’t go expecting any of the Gothenburg-influenced death metal ala In Flames here, instead The Resistance churns out a way more ugly and abrasive sound, taking that classic Swedish death metal riffing and mixing it up with some hardcore fury. The results, although not entirely groundbreaking, are rather enjoyable and show a genuine sense of anger and fury. These guys sound pissed and it shows, with songs like “My Fire” and “Rise From Treason” carrying out a mighty punch that will surely ignite some violent reactions in the circle pit. Although the overall vibe sits clearly on the side of abrasion and aggression, guitarists Strömblad and Ljungström sometimes slip over some harmonized leads that hark back to their In Flame days, hear song “Face to Face” for example.
However, they certainly don’t want to revive the past and seem determined to crave a niche for themselves, and this “Rise From Treason” is definitely a good start. 

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