The Secret | Mix-Tape

On this mixtape we decided to explore different facades of the music we like and that influenced and keep influencing The Secret. As you can see/listen, part of the tape is strictly metal/hardcore/punk while other songs are still dark and heavy but with a different approach. When it comes to metal we love when music has physical, straight to the point and aggressive approach and is not overly processed or sound fake. At the same time we're convinced that more textural and psychedelic music can be as heavy and dark even without the need of loud guitars.
I hope you will enjoy our selection

Shora - Klahrelt from "Malval"
Katharsis - Thy Horror from "666"
Sunn O))) - Belurol Pusztit from "Oracle"
Assuck - Dataclast from "Misery Index"
Craft - Fuck The Universe from "Fuck the Universe"
Skitsystem - Det Samvetslosa Hates Plagor from "Stigmata"
Hellhammer - Messiah from "Demon Entrails"
Magma - De Futura from "Udu Wudu"

Michael Bertoldini and Lorenzo Gulminelli

The Secret's new album Agnus Dei is out via Southern Lord.

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  1. The song is actually "Earth a Raging Blaze" by Craft.