Primitive Man – Scorn | Review

Haling from Denver, Primitive Man features in their ranks current and former members of Clinging to the Trees of A forest Fire, Reproacher and Death of Self, three groups that have been discharging an unrelenting and chaotic grind sound for the last few years. However, Primitive Man is a slightly different beast, slower, but equally abrasive, they dive down to subterranean depths to churn out an oppressive, tortured, apocalyptical doom that rests somewhere in between the grittiness of Ramesses and the muffled gloom of Winter.
“Scorn” is an intimidating yet engrossing listen, mostly due to their no-frills approach to doom, eschewing anything resembling a melody or a happy tone for a nastier and gritty feel. Then, there’re the vocals of Ethan McCarthy, whose fathomless death growls have that power to awake the most frightening creatures buried deep in your subconscious. Primitive Man truly excel at conjuring a miserable, excruciating atmosphere, most impressively on the title track and “Rags”, where they move at a slow, crawling pace like a dying victim of a nuclear winter.
This is probably too extreme, too gritty and too miserable to most, so be careful and approach it with caution. 

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