Seven Sisters of Sleep – Opium Morals | Review

Assembled from former members of Tafkata, Arm and Sword of a Bastard God, California’s Seven Sisters of Sleep are back with their second album, which doesn’t really fit into a specific genre or label. I’d say their strength lies in their ability to combine a large amount of influences and still come out sounding absolutely raucous and grim. You’ll find elements of sludge, metal, punk and hardcore incorporated in “Opium Morals”, which makes it a bit difficult to categorize. But if I must add some sort of description then, try imagining what would happen if the choking abrasion of Buzzoven and EyeHateGod collided with the straight-up intensity of Integrity, and it was up to members of Trap Them and Black Breath to pick up the shattered pieces. Seven Sisters of Sleep don’t sound blatantly like any of the aforementioned artists, but you’ll surely hear some similarities here and there throughout these ten tracks.
Opener “Ghost Plains” starts a with heavy bass intertwined with a squealing feedback, but soon rips into a more frenzied tempo rounded with some savage riffs and menacing growls. Following track “Moths” is easily one of the most engaging songs of the album, containing some downright catchy and sludgy riffing that reminds me of the most infectious moments of Crowbar. “Reaper Christ” is also a favourite of mine and wastes no time in bombarding the listener with thumping drums and heavy, galloping riffs.
Ultimately, while “Opium Morals” is nothing really spectacular, it’s surely a solid and interesting effort that will appeal to fans of all groups mentioned above.  

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