Beastwars - Blood Becomes Fire | Review

Just over a year since their self-titled debut, Beastwars have now unleashed their sophomore album and “Blood Becomes Fire” doesn’t tweak the formula that made its predecessor such a wonderful surprise, offering once again a Southern-tinged sludge rock that will make Sabbath fans quite happy.
Immediately “Blood Becomes Fire” connects to their first effort with "Dune”, which features the same gritty and groove-laden string work that garnered them some comparisons to High On Fire. You can certainly hear the High On Fire influence throughout most of these ten tracks, especially in the thick and groovy riffs of guitarist Clayton Anderson and the gravel throated voice of Matt Hyde. But Beastwars are slightly less abrasive than High On Fire, taking a calmer and rockier approach on some moments that reminds us more of Kyuss. “Riverman” is a tune that pretty much captures that groovy, laidback vibe of Kyuss, with Anderson tossing out some groovy riffs and catchy harmonies, while Hyde alternates between a throaty grit and a gentler, warmer tone. I must admit that absolutely nothing original is explored here, but I cannot deny that Beastwars have created a fine collection of heavy, infectious riffs that will surely satisfy plenty of stoner and sludge bangers out there. That said, “Blood Becomes Fire” isn’t exactly a masterpiece, but more than lives up to the promise shown on the self-titled debut and is certainly worth of your attention. 

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