The Ripe Harvest #1


The Ripe Harvest is a new rubric where we intend to collect the finest crop of musical projects within a more extreme, alternative and heavier spectrum and without any bonds to record labels.
To inaugurate this new space we have picked an interesting Portuguese band named Zella, whose formation includes members of the extinct group Slamo. The sound of Zella however gravitates in a completely different stratosphere from the Post-Hardcore/Nu-Metal hybrid that Slamo inhabited. Their recently released promotional work marks a new turn in the quintet’s career since following the departure of vocalist Tobel, Zella opted not to replace him and decided to embrace the instrumental path, an experimental and progressive rock with some leanings towards Russian Circles, Red Sparowes and Pelican. Themes like “Crisalida”, “2 Acto”, “Cubo Mágico” and “4Grau” reveal a great maturity in song writing with the band constantly projecting clever dynamics and memorable riffs that contributes greatly to increase the interest.
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Next we head towards Denmark to meet Slow Death Factory, a group of seasoned musicians that include in their ranks former members of well-known Danish acts like Barcode, Panzerchrist and Illdisposed. So, we aren’t exactly dealing with the kind of fledging musicians that are giving their first steps in this business and that’s perfectly audible while listening to their self-released debut album "From the Gutter to Your Ears" ‘cause in the business of Death and Thrash-Metal they act like those shark executives without a single drop of benevolence or pity. Mixed by famed producer Tue Madsen, "From the Gutter to Your Ears" packs some ferocious and aggressive riffs capable of separating heads from torsos. Don’t just take my word for it! Download their work freely from their website to suffer the injuries yourself. I’m tempted to bet my left testicle if these guys don’t get signed to a relevant label in the following months, but won’t ‘cause we’ll know how cruel and ungrateful the music industry can be. More info at:
To finalize our first harvest, we bring you directly from Germany The Hand of Glory. Behind their somehow good-spirited band name lurks a collective of five individuals that have assembled the severity of Death-Metal and the fury of Hardcore into a menacing whole. In some circuits, the blend of Death-Metal with Hardcore is synonymous with Metalcore and although the tag isn’t totally awkward when applied to the German’s sonority, The Hand of Glory clearly gives bands like Bleeding Through a run for their money. The band is currently preparing their debut so stay tuned to for more details.

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  1. coll initiative i will check the bands great, great job and blog cheers from HELLOMBIA!!!!