Thyrfing - Hels Vite

“Hels Vite” marks a new beginning in the career of Swedish group Thyrfing with the introduction of new vocalist Jens Rydén formerly of Naglfar as the replacement for Thomas Väänänen, who departed last year along with guitarist Henrik Svegsjö, following a whole decade holding the microphone in the band.
Surprisingly, even though the Swedes lost two key elements in their formation, “Hels Vite” doesn’t deviate very far from the path Thyrfing have been carving for over a decade now. Perhaps the addition of Jens merely added a breath of renewed enthusiasm to the band’s sonority, but otherwise the new work could simply be regarded as a natural follow-up to its predecessor “Farsotstider” from 2005.
Translated as “The Penalty of Hel” and influenced by Scandinavian mythology, “Hels Vite” essentially sees Thyrfing continuing their remarkable journey through the mysterious, dark and richly atmospheric world of Pagan/Folk/Black-Metal. Most of the songs have a grandiose epic feel with triumphant passages that have a cinematic scope, evoking a wide variety of ambiences and musical landscapes. It could either serve as the perfect soundtrack for an ancient battle, the coronation of a noble king or the burial of a brave warrior. It’s replete with rich atmospherics and diverse dynamics courtesy of a masterful use of keyboards and the addition of gentle acoustic sections, yet it also packs enough vicious aggression throughout its serpentine and cold riffing and grim vocalisations. Personal favourite “Griftefrid” is good example of such diversity, high-levelled by grandiose choirs and orchestrations it’s a sublime song that can be simultaneously dark, ferocious and epic.
This is the sound of Thyrfing growing stronger despite of the recent adversities, the refinement of their already outstanding craft.

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