Withering Soul - No Closure

If you are familiar with the likes of Sothis and Abigail Williams, perhaps two of the most renowned USBM acts taking cues from their European counterparts, then you are halfway to understanding what “No Closure” from Withering Soul is all about.
The ten-tracker consists of a symphonic and melodic black-metal with a strong European bound, there’s a lot of variation in pace and a strong emphasis on keyboards to create a atmosphere that for better or for worst smoothes the more rough and fierce side of this Chicago four-piece. Withering Soul makes sure that every harsh and savage note is counterbalanced with just enough melody to make the songs more enjoyable and memorable. A formula that fans of Dimmu Borgir, Old Man’s Child and Catamenia will instantly recognise and I’m sure will appreciate. Just don’t expect everything to be sweet and satisfying, first proper theme “Phantasmal Chaos Divinity” sounds a bit uninspired at best. The galloping riffing is absolutely banal and the keyboards sound nicked from a TV commercial, on top of that vocalist Mykil (not his birth name I’m sure) doesn’t seem to get tired of going arghhhhhhh e beurghhhhhh for most of the song’s length. Fortunately, from there on things start to improve gradually and “The Sequitor” already shows a more effective and slightly melodic guitar work along with some rabid double-bass drumming.
Some of the songs like “Possession of Deception (Part 2)” and “Manifest Transparency” boast a strong Dimmu Borgir influence, the later even has some clean vocalizations that remind me of Simen Hestn├Žs’ distinctive singing.
All in all, the positives outweigh the negatives and as such “No Closure” is an interesting and competent album that should please fans of melodic and atmospheric black-metal. (6.5/10)

David Alexandre

For fans of: Dimmu Borgir, Sothis, Abigail Williams