Black Breath – Sentenced for Life

It is curious to note that the best and most feral examples of the classic Swedish d-beat infused death-metal sound comes not from its place of origin, but from the United States. Currently there are no better recreations of a formula that was created by bands like Entombed, Dismember, Driller Killer and Disfear than Trap Them and these five guys called Black Breath.
Merely a year following the release of their explosive and abrasive debut album “Heavy Breathing”, the Seattle group is back with a new album that successfully surpasses all the expectations created by its predecessor.
Further embracing the raw, muddy sound of the old-school Swedish death metal and occasionally venturing into a chaotic blend of crust and hardcore, “Sentenced for Life” is a completely ruthless slab of extreme music delivered with a blood-thirsty intent. The whole 33 minutes are chock full of great, buzz saw riffs, hammering beats and vile, earthshaking roars intent on conjuring the raw ferocity death metal was meant to instigate. That raucous attitude is displayed perfectly on opener “Feast of the Damned” a relentless hammering of frenzied drums, ferocious guitars and guttural vocals that recalls the heyday of Entombed.
Black Breath has really upped the ante and made one of the most brutal, vile records so far this year, and for that they deserve to lead the charge for the Swedish death metal attack. (8.5/10)

David Alexandre