Better Not Born/Cause a Riot – Split 7” | Review

I found about Better Not Born when Southern Lord Records tweeted about them, picking the Finns as the band of the day a few weeks ago. If Southern Lord vouches for them, they must be good right? Absolutely so, these fellows have studied the best crust/hardcore discs Southern Lord have released so far with profound dedication and use that knowledge to weave some nasty and impressively ruthless songs. 'Horde of Sheep' demonstrates their intensity, combining the fury of hardcore and the dirtiness of crust with the heaviness of metal, kicking some serious ass like Tragedy or Trap Them. 'Inner Void' the other BNB track from this split 7” with fellow countrymen Cause a Riot kicks in similar fashion, tossing out some fierce and raw grind-punk riffs that provide the ideal accompaniment to Sampo’s caustic screams. With any luck, Southern Lord will snatch these guys for their rooster and I’m sure that whatever they will do next, it won’t surely disappoint anyone who has enjoyed the latest works from Baptists and Nails.
Cause a Riot are more punk-driven and don’t impress as much as Better Not Born, but sound fairly competent, unleashing two blasts of punk-hardcore that don’t sound too far removed from the anarchic sounds of acts like Poison Idea and Anti Cimex, albeit with a better, more modern production. They attack their songs with fierce intensity, focusing on delivering punishing rhythms and straightforward, crunchy riffs that sound religiously faithful to the genre’s most emblematic precursors. Definitely, they’re a band worth keeping an eye on in the future as well.

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