Cripple Bastards - Nero In Metastasi | Review

Recently signed to Relapse Records, Italy’s Cripple Bastards have been dishing out their form of abrasive and punishing grindcore since 1988, and no one can ever accuse them of succumbing to trends or making drastic experiments since then. So it’s no surprise that Nero In Metastasi is ruthlessly heavy and brutal from start to finish, encompassing virtually everything a grindcore fan could hope for or expect; unrelenting savagery, raging riffs, barbaric growls and ear-piercing screams.

Clocking in at a lengthy 37 minutes (for a grind album at least), there is literally no time to breathe, as the band simply pummels and plows throughout 18 songs with no respite and even less remorse. The album explodes with “Malato Terminale", a boisterous track that is delivered with intense savagery, but still manages to be extremely catchy due to some straightforward riffing. From there on, things only get more threatening and vile, with each tune being loaded with a furious hatred, yet surprisingly Nero In Metastasi never gets tiresome as Cripple Bastards aren’t afraid to slow down a bit on some occasions and dust off some thrash-influenced riffs that work really well in adding more diversity to their sound.

Careful on this one, because it scraps and stings with the most hostile intentions.

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