Biipiigwan - Nibaak

Drawing inspiration from some of the ugliest bashers in the sludge and doom scene like Sourvein, Rwake and Black Cobra, Biipiigwan’s new EP “Nibaak” is as dangerous and barbaric as the massive bear that adorns its cover.
This EP feels like a natural follow-up to their debut LP “God’s Hooks”, released two years ago as the songs seem to be cut from the same musical cloth. And that means more filthy, abrasive and sludgy doom metal.
“Rodentia” sets the template with heavy, corrosive riffs, thick rumbling bass lines, thunderous drums and ursine roars, and the band maintain their assault throughout the remaining two songs ‘Kingmaker’ and ‘Nibaak’.
The downside is that, with just three themes clocking at nearly 15 minutes “Nibaak” is a bit too short and leaves us wanting more. Still, this is pretty damn intense. (7.5/10)


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  1. Sounds really good. They are on Bandcamp for a "Name your price' fee.