The Browning – Burn This World

Once at the vanguard of the extreme metal, Earache Records now tries to sell us The Browning, a Dallas-based collective that is described as adventurous for pushing boundaries and pressing buttons in a way that most metal acts would not dare attempt.
Well, that’s plain and simple bogus, ‘cause in fact these guys try to pepper their generic deathcore sound with some electronic touches in a attempt to sound different, but unfortunately they end up on the wrong side of the equation coming across like a mediocre blend of someone like Chelsea Grin with awful acts like ATC and Vengaboys.
So, I definitely wouldn’t tag “Burn This World” as an adventurous and innovative record since the only thing that distinguishes The Browning from the hundreds of boring and predictable deathcore acts is their affinity for cheesy electronic sounds and beats, which also work against them really, completely ruining their respectability with some truly cringe-inducing moments. Damn, “Standing on the Edge” sounds like a cheap techno tune you'd hear at an amusement park.
If Earache wants to put out something truly innovative and groundbreaking, they only need to dig through their old archives and reissue the complete discography of Godflesh, Fudge Tunnel and Pitchshifter, not this plain awful mélange of deathcore and techno. (2.5/10)

Luca Niero

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